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We are consists of creative talents which already experienced in developing enterprise application and also providing consultation in the area of IT services and digital marketing to several big corporate in Indonesia.
  • Syafikli

    Syafikli Musyafako

    Ruby Developer

    Time is unlimited, but my time is limited, So do the best you can until your time is over

  • Bainur

    Bainur Budiyana

    Ruby Developer

    Do as you say, and say as you do

  • Nazarudin

    Nazaruddin Rachman M

    Ruby Developer

    Bobot pangayun timbang taraju

  • Abdul

    Abdul Qodir

    Ruby Developer

    "You are my favorite Husband" - My Wife

  • Yopi

    Yopi Agung Saputra

    Mobile Apps Developer

    If you can make people laugh, you get all the love you want

  • Reza

    Reza Fauzan Azima

    Ruby Developer

    "it always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela

  • Dika

    Adika Havittia Juniarsa

    Mobile Apps Developer

    Provision would not be friends with an idleness.

  • Hilman

    Hilman Zaky

    Ruby Developer

    Your quote here

  • 1979625_10201587950407840_505459770_n

    Usman Jayadi

    Ruby Developer

    “An algorithm is like a recipe.” ― Muhammad Waseem

  • Img_20141228_110619

    Hendry Firman

    Ruby Developer

    Good friends don’t let you do stupid things

  • Img_20120424_164407

    Herlangga Wicaksono

    Mobile Apps Developer

    Hard work doesn't feel hard work if you are doing what you love

  • Iman

    Ahmad Firman


    "Typography is what language looks like" - Ellen Lupton

  • 427566_2565924914300_1060693610_n

    Kiki Baehaqi


    "Only in darkness can you see the stars" - Martin Luther King Jr.

  • 486181_423861784334394_1017830053_n

    Zainal Muttaqien

    Ruby Developer

    Do not expect progress if afraid of failure

  • Whatsapp_image_2016-08-23_at_10.59.45_am

    Kiki Dianti


    Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it.

  • Febbry

    Febbry Ramadhan

    Mobile Apps Developer

    not able to scan barcode using scan barcode option from rewards tab

  • Photoa

    Agung Priatna

    Ruby Developer

  • Foto_pushjaw

    Adrianne Ajeng


    Not about what you talk, it's about how you talk.

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